Full service advertising agency

"For some, advertising is like a foreign movie, without a subtitle..."











    It is not the size of the print, it’s what you do with it.. No order can be too small, we take care of all our clients. The only difference is that we might use different printers. Or paper…

  • Offset Print

    But if you have a lot to print, we’ll bring the big guns that can handle a bigger load. From brochures to folders or even books, these guys will astonish you with colors and textures…

  • Outdoor

    You can create, re-order and set colors scheme for every Homepage section. In theses section can be used layout shortcodes like Sliders, Carousels, Portfolio, Pricing and much more!

  • Textile

    You can set own background or font color for every section and design element! All thank to back-end color pickers. Also your headings and texts can use hand-picked Google Webfonts or Web-safe fonts. …

  • Graphic Design

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  • Creative

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  • Marketing

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  • Events

    Font Awesome gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized — size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS. …




  • Ciprian Brod

    CEO & Founder

    The virtuoso should have the discipline of seeking objective feedback all the time. Leaders who ask for the truth repeatedly, are rarely in self denial.
  • Dan Groza

    Production manager

    Production expert with strong advertising experience, focusing on interpersonal and customer services.
  • Alex Groza

    Junior assistant

    Hodor.. Hodor! ..hodor! Hoodoooor! […] Hodor?! HODOR! To Hodor, or NOT to Hodor. Hodor is the question..
  • Catalin Podariu


    Seeker of knowledge and a free spirit. Curiosity drives me to create elegant projects and solve real problems leveraging technology and problem-solving skills.




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Contact Us

We are great believers in face to face conversations. They give you feedback, you can ask for more information if something's not right and most importantly the chance to clear the air. But until we do meet, feel free to drop us a line.. comment or suggestions. We encourage constructive feedback.

Tel: +40 724 079 444
Str. Ecaterina Teodoroiu, nr. 45, Voluntari, ILFOV